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Submitted by Jody Paddy Read the full story on her blog at My name is Jody and my Irish Sport Horse mare Kazz had and survived colic surgery. I’ll start by giving you some background so you know who I am, and more importantly who Kazz is … My very lovely mother bred a few horses in her time – she had this idea to breed one I would love  [ Read More ]


By knowing the signs of Colic and being proactive, Cathy was able to properly respond and care for her dear mule, Clementine. It was last July in the humid heat of Michigan. We noticed our little mule Clementine laying on the ground before she would repeatedly get up, lie back down and roll around. I knew what that meant. I called the vet but she couldn’t come out because she  [ Read More ]

Pam Sherburne shares the story of her own personal colic experience with her Quarter Horse Chico. Thanks for sharing Pam! At 8:00am on January 17, 2013, I got the call we all dread from the barn manager. “Chico is down with colic. And It’s bad – the vet is already on his way.” My husband and I raced to the barn 45 minutes away. Chico was laying still but the  [ Read More ]

Kirstien Ward shares the story of her colic experience with her AQHA mare Angel. Thanks for sharing Kirstien!  When Angel was 4 years old I got a call from my barn saying Angel was acting different. I thought she was just playing because she didn’t want to work. Well I just shook it off  and said she’s fine. That night I got another call saying come out to the barn we  [ Read More ]

Debra Benanti shares the story of her colic experience with her Missouri Fox Trotter gelding Beau. Thanks for sharing Debra!  Sometimes you create our own luck. Dietary Changes To Combat Obesity My horse was put on a strict diet once my trainer told me that he would die because he was so fat and had gained too much weight. So, cut his hay back considerably. He was already on such  [ Read More ]

Colic Awareness Month may be created and shared by people, but ultimately it’s about doing right by the horses we love. And what better way to hear about how we can reduce their risk for colic than “straight from the horse’s mouth,” so to speak? The official Spokes-Horse of Equine Colic Awareness Month is the adorable Appendix Quarter Horse mare SoCo, owned and love by Taylor Allen of Mulberry, Florida.  [ Read More ]

Spokes-Horse Entry: El Camino

I have never had a colic problem with El Camino, my 19 year old Paso Fino. I always make sure he has good quality hay, feed and plenty of fresh water to drink. My horses are out during the day and they have their own stall at night, that way I can check them twice daily for early signs of discomfort. My now retired horse Macanudo had a fatty growth  [ Read More ]

Equine Colic Awareness Spokes-Horse Entry: Salty

I bought my off the track thoroughbred Salty on May 9, 2012. He was the quietist, most willing horse I have ever worked with. He was my new project horse to rehabilitate and train and we soon become best friends. He showed at 4H/open shows, NJHA and went to our 4H fair throughout the summer. He was a dream to be around. Salty also became a crowd favorite because of  [ Read More ]

Phil- Spokes-Horse Contest Entry

Phil was and is a very handsome, athletic and competitive young Morgan Horse. Phil and I had just completed his first competitive class at the New England Regional Horse Show in New Hampshire where he took third place in a field of eight horses. Six of them were former world champions, so in his first outing at New England he had in affect ‘split’ the world champions, pretty good for  [ Read More ]

My story begins when my son was ten years old. He was diagnosed with ADHD and with a Mood Disorder. Lacking in the ability to empathize with animals or children, I thought what better way than to learn these abilities than with a horse. For my son, it was love at first sight. Immediately, Sakura dropped her head into my small ten year old’s hands and together they learned to  [ Read More ]

The Crusade Against Equine Colic is a movement empowering all horse people to learn how to reduce our horses’ risk for colic – and to share that knowledge with fellow equestrians.

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