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June marks the 6th annual Equine Colic Awareness Month, a time for equestrians to focus on learning about and raising awareness for colic prevention. 

The primary mission of Colic Awareness Month is to foster conversation that will educate you and your equestrian community about the ways you may recognize the early warning signs a horse may be at risk to colic and steps to take for prevention.

Share Your Colic Stories

One of the best ways to spread the word about preventing colic is to share your own experience with it.

During June, you will be able to submit your personal colic story – Whether your horse survived or passed away. By doing this, we celebrate the lives of horses lost, we celebrate horses who survived, but most importantly, we share our experiences to help others avoid similar situations. Your stories will be featured on the Crusade Against Equine Colic Blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Raise Social Awareness for Equine Colic Prevention

Throughout June you will see lots of educational content about colic – causes, prevention, management, experiences, tips, and perceptions – on Facebook and Twitter. These will be important resources to share with every horse person you know. If you have a particular topic in mind, let us know and we’ll try to provide information on any important colic management question you have.

All of these personal stories, articles, tips, and colic information will be shared on our website, in weekly email newsletters, and on Facebook and Twitter during Colic Awareness Month.

Be sure to download and share our free e-Books on Equine Colic Awareness and Prevention.

Join the Crusade and Spread the Word

Be sure to Join the Crusade to catch all the great information and like, comment, retweet, and share with your friends.

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Partner With Us

The Crusade Against Equine Colic is looking for organizations and individuals to join us in educating and providing helpful information to equestrians through Equine Colic Awareness Month. The goal is simple – Get as many horse people talking about and finding the right information they need to put a stop to colic in their barns. 

We can’t do it alone.

Let us know that you are partnering with us to promote Equine Colic Awareness Month.

Become an Equine Colic Awareness Month partner today.

The Crusade Against Equine Colic is a movement empowering all horse people to learn how to reduce our horses’ risk for colic – and to share that knowledge with fellow equestrians.

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