Author: Rebecca Hurd

I had heard of SUCCEED® back in 2006 and saw the results in an Arabian in training with behavioral issues. I didn’t put my horses on it at that time because I didn’t think they ‘needed’ it and also because of the cost.

Last January, my 18-year-old retired Arabian show horse, JR, began to act very ill. He has a history of colicking at least once, if not several times a year.

He had seen vets and we had heard anything from ‘weather sensitive’ to ulcers. We noticed a slight decrease in the tummy aches when alfalfa was no longer a part of his feeding program and therefore quit feeding it – but the episodes continued. This last time he fell ill in January of 2010 and it didn’t feel like his typical colic episode (in which 10cc of Banamine had him happily on his way again). He spent a week very lethargic and not eating and I was heart-broken thinking that his time had finally come… and that I wasn’t ready to say good-bye yet. He is my whole world.

We took him to his vet who is over an hour away and they told me he didn’t look well at all and asked if surgery was an option. He was diagnoised with ulcers and spent a couple days on fluids. Before he came home, I ordered SUCCEED – reaching for anything that may help him. He had been on several other supplements with no luck and I was losing hope. When JR came home, I started him on the SUCCEED®. In less then two days, he was bright eyed and eating well. JR has, as of this month, made a whole year with no colic episodes … for the first time of his life.

As if that wasn’t proof enough in your product…

I also have a 2 year old half Arabian filly that I purchased in 2008 when she was just 2 months old as I knew JR was becoming older and would be retiring soon from his show career. I am a college student and purchasing a quality show horse was going to be out of the question but as I am an assistant trainer, it was more practical for me to buy something that I could start and train myself. In short, we bought Mysty so I would have a hand hold in life when JR passed on. I did not have her on SUCCEED® because ‘she was healthy and it was too expensive to have two horses on it.

This last week, Mysty became very sick. She was rushed to the vet and underwent colic surgery that night. 200 pounds of feces was removed from her system. She had been on a round bale and ate faster then her digestive system could filter. The vet was unable to remove all of the feces and 12 feet of it remainded. We could only hope she would pass it on her own.

Four days passed and Mysty still had not passed any feces. I was having to consider euthanasia. On day four, my filly finally passed feces. Needless to say, I asked the vets to put her on SUCCEED® as soon as was possible, which they had planned on anyway. I purchased TWO weeks worth of tubes at the desk and then promptly ordered her a box.

Yes, it will be quite a strain on my budget, but I can’t help but wonder if I had had her on it in the first place, if this would have happened at all.

I want to express how thankful I am for SUCCEED® and the impact it has had on both my life and my horses’ lives. I swore by your product before and I continue to do so now. I share my experiences with SUCCEED’s equine health benefits with everyone who will listen… and some that don’t. Having my horses healthy and alive is worth the strain on my budget.

The Crusade Against Equine Colic is a movement empowering all horse people to learn how to reduce our horses’ risk for colic – and to share that knowledge with fellow equestrians.

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